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SafeProtect SPF30 Sunscreen - Nature's Treat

Human Nature

SafeProtect SPF30 Sunscreen

100% Natural | Reef-Friendly

Step into the sunshine without a worry. Shield yourself with our 100% natural sunscreen - now made even better!

A - ARMORS against skin-aging UVA rays. UVA rays penetrate through clouds and glass windows with their relative year-round intensity. SafeProtect has been given the highest PA++++ rating, providing superior protection against UVA rays whether you’re outdoors or indoors.

B - BLOCKS skin-burning UVB rays with SPF 30. SafeProtect provides a broad-spectrum shield that deflects 97% of UVB rays with natural physical particles, unlike chemical sunscreens which absorb UV rays and convert them to heat.

C - CARES for coral reefs. Ingredients in chemical sunscreens contain parabens, oxybenzone, benzophenone and ethylhexylmethoxycinnemate  that cause the bleaching of corals when washed off.* With a reef-friendly, 100% natural formulationSafeProtect is free from these reef-destroying ingredients.

White Away! You've asked for it, so we've formulated a sunscreen with all the protection you need - and none of the white film. Don your daily sun protection today!

*National Geographic News: Swimmers' Sunscreen Killing Off Coral

Expiry: March 2016

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