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Natural Strengthening Conditioner - Nature's Treat

Human Nature

Natural Strengthening Conditioner

The secret to smoother strands and less tangles!

• Formulated with sunflower, avocado, and soybean oils that give extra shine
Paraben-free and silicone-free

Give yourself a double dose of strength with our Natural Strengthening Conditioner in tandem with Human Nature's Natural Strengthening Shampoo.

Chemical-laden conditioners can make your hair smooth and shiny now, but years of use can actually do more harm than good to your locks. Our Natural Strengthening Conditioner is 100% free from harmful chemicals and infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein that helps fortify hair strands to reduce both breakage and hair fall. A rich fusion of sunflower, avocado and soybean oil keeps your hair healthy, soft, and shiny with less tangles to worry about.

Available in Cool Peppermint (with cooling sensation) and Soothing Aloe scents.

Did you know: Many conditioners use feel modifiers like silicones and dimethicones. They make hair appear smooth and soft to touch but only on the surface. Silicones are known to coat the hair like plastic (thus, shiny looking) blocking out all the nutrients it needs and trapping in sebum and bacteria, which may cause allergic reactions and breakouts. Based on a report done by the Environmental Working Group (, there is insufficient data to conclude that silicones and dimethicones are safe to use. So why risk it? Human Nature always uses the precautionary principle in choosing our ingredients – if there’s a risk to your health, we avoid it completely.

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