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Mommy & Baby Bonding Kit - Nature's Treat

Mambino Organics

Mommy & Baby Bonding Kit

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This gift set includes all the skin care essentials to help you bond with baby from day one and beyond. Perfect present for Baby shower & full-moon celebrations!
  • calendula nursing balm* ~ 18 g / .63 oz Triple protection formula with healing calendula, shea butter & sea buckthorn. A must-have during the first months of breastfeeding when your nipples can feel a bit sore. Remember, your baby is learning to breastfeed too! What Happens: comforts & soothes instantly.
  • mild baby wash & shampoo ~ 50 ml / 1.70 fl oz Gentle foaming wash with organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil and fresh herbal extracts, without any detergents, chemical preservatives, dyes or fragrances. What Happens: allows the skin to build immunity, naturally.
  • tippy toes calming baby oil* ~ 60 ml / 2 fl oz Extraordinary 100% natural care for your baby's skin, from head to toe, with healing powers of organic evening primrose and jojoba oils. What Happens: excellent after bath massage oil to sooth fussy baby and to sooth cradle cap and eczema.
  • happy baby soothing stick* ~ 18 g / .63 oz Ultra-rich cream for baby's delicate skin with healing calendula,evening primrose & chamomile. What Happens: soothes drool rash, itches, irritated skin and winter cheeks.
  • organic cotton/hemp wipe ~ 8" x 8" Soft, absorbent and unbleached wipe. What Happens: truly multi-functional, use as: wash cloth; burp cloth; instant bib; traveling towel; use to clean up eating messes, drooling mouths, and anything else you can think of!
  • mommy & baby calming aromatherapy ~ 4 ml / .13 fl oz ~ Pure organic essential oils of lavender and chamomile, proven to help promote calmness and ensure a good night's sleep. What Happens: helps calm fussy baby, just add a few drops to bath, pillow, blanket or to scent Tippy Toes Calming Baby Oil or Mild Baby Wash & Shampoo.
  • donates USDA Organic
For Baby   For Women   For Travel   100% Organic   Non GMO   Cruelty Free

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