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Hand and Foot Salve - Nature's Treat

Human Nature

Hand and Foot Salve

• Soothes, moisturizes and rejuvenates very dry hands and feet for that tender loving skin salvation they deserve!
• Infused with the goodness of oregano, spearmint and lemon balm extracts

Your hands are more susceptible to the aging process because the skin is so much thinner than that on your face and neck. Soothe, moisturize, and rejuvenate those hardworking dry and cracked hands and feet with our 100% Natural Hand and Foot Salve.

Available in Strawberry and Eucalyptus scents.

Beauty Tips:

Here’s an overnight treat for dry hands and feet and cracked cuticles: After applying the Hand & Foot Salve to your hands and feet, put on socks and gloves before you go to bed to absorb the excess oil and help soften the skin. Voila! You’ll get softer, healthier skin and nails in the morning.

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